Your 3rd. eye  


How to use your 3rd. eye to think more creatively 
                 and come up with great ideas.

The  3rd. eye - your inner eye -  is a  special faculty many  possess, but only few know how to use this powerful creative force effectively. 

People who discover how to use their 3rd. eye develop a special gift - the power of think creatively and come up with great ideas.

They  are able  to look at situations in a different light and from a completely different perspective and see hidden opportunities, not visible to others.

Their creative imagination gives them the ability to make use of highly original, innovative ways to take advantage of these opportunities. 

When faced with problems and obstacles, others find too difficult to overcome,  they are able to devise ingenious solutions.

The creative  strategies  they use to market their products and promote their services, makes their work distinctive  and different. They become leaders in their field and achieve much greater success in their  careers than others.

When you read the life stories of men and women, who became rich and famous because of their achievements, you'll recognize that one of the distinguishing features that made them stand out from the crowd, was their ability  to do things in a different, more distinctive way than others.


Read  the life stories of highly successful, famous  men and women.  Examine every detail of their lives carefully to find out why they were so much more successful than others in their field. 

Although their careers were so different, they all had something in common. You'll discover  that in virtually every case, the secret of their success - the X factor -  was their ability to use their creative imagination to  do things in a different, more original, way than others.

Once you know how to use your 3rd. eye and are able to take  advantage of the creative skills this faculty can provide, this is something you'll be able to  achieve in your career.

The ability to use your 3rd. eye can benefit you in any career. 

It makes no difference whether you  have a  career in business, entertainment, literature, the arts, sports, or in any other field, the ability to use your  3rd. eye can help you become rich, successful and a leader in your own particular field.

Your 3rd. eye can provide you with the priceless gift of creative imagination.

What is creative imagination?

Creative imagination is a mental faculty that enables you to form images in your mind and visualize situations or conditions you have never actually experienced.

The phrase: " To see in your mind's eye" describes very clearly this ability to use  your 3rd. eye. to create mental images.

Creative imagination is a skill you can develop that  will enable you to look at ordinary, everyday objects and visualize ways they can be re-arranged  and adapted into different more effective forms.

Every useful and successful invention, throughout history, was the result of someone  with an exceptionally  creative mind being able to do this.

Your career and your goals in life:

Like all ambitious people when  you started your career  you probably set definite goals for yourself.

You aimed  to achieve as much success as you could in your career and be well rewarded financially for your efforts.

Have you managed to achieve these goals?

        Are there occasions you feel the time and effort you’ve  spent  trying to achieve  success
         has been wasted?  Do you sometimes feel that  the money you’ve  made is not nearly
         enough to compensate you for all your efforts? 

Does it upset you to hear of friends, far less intelligent and talented than you, who have achieved far greater successes and made  much more money than you?  

If you're  disappointed  you've not been able to achieve as much success in your career as you hoped, have you any idea  why this has happened?

Perhaps your lack of success was due to bad luck and circumstances over which you had no control?  But there's probably another  explanation.

It's possible  the marketing strategies, promotional ideas and selling techniques you used were very much the  same as those of everyone else.

Perhaps this is the reason you've not achieved your full potential and been as successful in your career as you could be?

Life is very competitive.    There are many others  in your field just as anxious to achieve success as you are.    Hard work, persistence and perseverance are never enough for you to achieve the success necessary to become a leader in your field.

To be a winner you have stand  out from the crowd.

To be a winner and stand out from the crowd, you have to be more creative than others. You have to use your creative imagination to devise ingenious, innovative and original  ways to market your product or service. 

This is where you 3rd. eye - your inner eye - can help you achieve the success that has always been your goal but has been just out of your grasp...until NOW! 

Now available:

 A unique guide that shows you,step-by -step how to use  your 3rd eye to think more  creatively and come up with great ideas         

the 3rd eye You now have the opportunity to make use of this unique, practical  guide to Creative Thinking. 

 Available in the form of a comprehensive e-Book, this detailed guide shows you how to use your 3rd eye to develop special skills that make it possible  for you to think  far more creatively.

The ability to use your 3rd. eye to think more creatively, is the X factor in achieving greater success in your career - whatever  your career  happens to be.

This e-Book is set out in the form of fifteen, explicit instruction modules that show you how to develop the special skills that make it possible for you to enjoy much greater success in your career  than you've ever managed to achieve before. 

These fifteen, explicit instruction modules will show how to:

  • Look at situations in a different light and from a completely different perspective.

  • See Opportunities not visible to others.

  • Use your creative imagination to think much more creatively.

  • Achieve far greater success in your career than you've ever had before.

  • Make use of a powerful inner force - the power of intuition - to instantly make the most
    suitable, correct decisions every time.


Your powers of Intuition.

There's another important benefit you'll gain from following the detailed instructions in this comprehensive e-Book.   You are going to develop the ability to make use of your latent, dormant intuitive powers.

Intuition  can be compared to a sixth sense, an ability to know instinctively what  action to take based on a mysterious source of inner knowledge.  It's wisdom and understanding unrelated to experience and rational reasoning.

Intuitive power and the sixth sense  are  qualities  some people appear to possess to a more marked degree than others, but they are faculties that  can  definitely be developed. This
e-Book reveals special processes and techniques you can use to develop your intuitive powers.  

You'll find that you'll be able to make immediate, decisions, not based on logic or rational thought, but from a mysterious instinctive, inner feeling. You'll know instinctively that the path you've decided to choose  is the correct one.

Here  are other ways you are going to benefit from this detailed 155 page,  3rd eye guide to Creative Thinking e book. 

  • You'll discover ways  to take  advantage of mental faculties you never realized you possessed, that have been dormant and under-utilized for years. 

  • You'll gain greater insight into the creative process by learning more about mysterious and misunderstood  subjects like Alchemy,  a subject that is examined in detail.

  • You'll find out more about the attitude of the famous psychologist  Jung to this highly controversial subject.

  • You'll discover unusual aspects about the intriguing subject of "luck" and learn why some people appear to have an extraordinary ability to attract good fortune.

  • Your mind will be stimulated by the information about the highly controversial, misunderstood subject of Telepathy.

  • You'll find out a great deal you may not have known about the mysterious, age-old connection between gold and spiritual values.

  • You'll learn more about controversial  subjects  like "extra-sensory perception", "healing hands",  "green fingers" and   the "secret life of plants", subjects about which serious scientists have argued for years.

  • You'll be intrigued by the amazing lessons to be learnt from birds and animals.

Your creative imagination and the creative power you'll  develop will help you become more successful in everything you attempt.

Here are even more  ways the unusual methods described in  3rd. eye guide to creative thinking e-Book are  going to help you.   You'll develop the ability to:

  • Identify gaps in the market you may have overlooked.   

  • Find  profitable niche markets.  

  • Discover innovative and original  ways to  promote yourself as the recognized  expert  and specialist in your particular field

  • Find new applications for your product or service  you hadn't  thought of previously.  

  • Develop a service related to the one you are presently offering but one that is more specialized and original

  • Identify  a special area of your market you have overlooked.  

  • Devise a strikingly original and creative advertising campaign.  

  • Package and market your products or service in more original and distinctive ways.  

  • Introduce ingenious promotional ideas to dramatize the use of your product or service  

  •  Find innovative solutions to problems by approaching them  from an entirely different perspective.

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the 3rd eye The dozens of clearly described, explicit, highly effective techniques will show you how to think more creatively.

You'll be able to make intuitive decisions and be surprised to find out  how remarkably accurate they turn out to  be.

You'll be able to put your creative ideas into immediate action.

Your career will grow and flourish beyond your most optimistic dreams.

Creative ideas will spring from your fertile imagination.  The goals you have set yourself will become a reality.


The Special techniques, original ideas and precise instructions to develop your creative powers are described, step-by-step.

Follow the guidelines and innovative techniques clearly set out in this e-book.

Fresh new ideas will begin to flow from your fertile imagination. The original strategies you use will make a huge difference to your career.  You will become  the leader in your field.

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